The expert predicted the decline of the

Compulsory wearing of PPE will be over soon, but the habit must be retained in the future, after a pandemic. Such opinion at press conference in TASS was expressed by the Deputy Director on innovative work of the St. Petersburg research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology named after Pasteur, Alexander Semyonov.

In his view, the required “mask mode” will end in mid-summer.

“I hope that by July the month to the 15th of July, we hope to do,” said the candidate of biological Sciences.

At the same time he expressed the hope that the Russians do not refuse fully from the means of individual protection as “culture element of social distancing” that is very widespread in developed countries. Semenov added that citizens must wear a mask whenever they start to feel bad.

Recall, in many regions of Russia still operates the compulsory wearing of personal protective equipment. So, Petersburgers need a mask and gloves in public transport and closed spaces. For infringement the penalty at the rate of 4 thousand roubles. So the regional authorities are fighting the spread of COVID-19.

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