“This worker fuel allowance will benefit households in the top five income deciles, or half of households,” she said.

Recalling that this “more targeted aid” will be “in place from January 1”, the Prime Minister specified that eligible households “will benefit from a payment from the start of the year”.

“We are still working on the planned scale, with the desire to significantly help those who make a long journey to work,” she continued.

Prices at the pump rose sharply again on Wednesday in France when the state discount, which had reached 30 cents per liter since September 1, was reduced to 10 euro cents.

This rebate of ten euro cents will continue to be applied until December 31.

The executive had promised at the end of October a targeted aid system “for big wheelers” endowed with around 1.5 billion euros, according to Gabriel Attal.

The Minister of Public Accounts then specified that it would be necessary to “declare income from activity to the tax authorities”, have a gray card and meet income criteria.

A website should make it possible to cross tax data and the gray card number to unlock aid “in a few days”, he had further specified.