The gastroenterologist told how to wash fruits and vegetables in the summer

All purchased fruits and vegetables must be washed to avoid infection of intestinal infection. Warned of the dangers of suburban, gastroenterologist Maria Lopatina.

According to her, reports “the Fifth channel”, this rule is especially important during a pandemic. The doctor warned: “in No event it is impossible to taste fruits and vegetables at the markets.”

the Medic also told how to wash products before use. The specialist explained that the soft fruits and berries, such as raspberries, apricots, can be soaked in water and then rinse under water. Lopatin advises hard fruit rinsed under running water and then clean off the peel.

and he called it acceptable to use a brush when washing vegetables and fruktov, but strongly opposed the use of detergents. The gastroenterologist said that means the particles can get into the intestines and cause severe violation of the microflora. “After that, the human body develops irritable bowel syndrome, which is very difficult to remove,” — concluded the doctor.

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