The guards roughly dragged the girl from the shopping center

In St. Petersburg, from the shopping center “Gallery” the girl without the mask, dragged the two guards. Video conflict published “the Fifth channel”, saying that the visitor had accused the officers of beating.

journalists of the TV channel reported that the victim went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with closed craniocerebral injury and concussion. The same incident has been reported to the police.

the video shows guards hands dragged the struggling girl — first the Mall, then through the underground Parking. The visitor calls for help, breaks free and falls to the floor. The author of the video, the girl is responding with the words: “What are you doing? She did nothing to you! You came over and grabbed her. The girl just refused to wear a mask, and you started to wring”. One of the guards told her that the visitor she attacked the guards, and they grabbed her after she obscenely swore at one of the employees for the requirement to remove the mask.

At the end of the video you can see that the girl in the short skirt to the exit dragged by the feet and hands of four men.

an investigation is underway.