The heroine of the video with public sex in

19-year-old girl who became the heroine of the scandalous video sex in front of passers-by in Central Moscow, said that the recording was staged.

According to her, reports REN TV, the idea of the video belonged to her friend who “was bored”. She noted that at the time of the shooting, they other was drunk: “two Liters of beer drank. To regret what has been done, stupid.”

the Girl was remorseful, noting that it was “inadequate, bad, ugly, vulgar, uncultured.” She assured that they are with each other only simulated sex.

the Incident occurred on Khokhlovskaya square in the so called space “the Pit” in the night from Saturday to Sunday. The court gave the young man to 10 days in jail, and the girl three.

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