The HRC advises the defense Ministry to

the Presidential Council on human rights (HRC) recommends to postpone the end of the summer appeal July 15 at a later date, because due to the change of date of holding of the Unified state exam in schools should provide all students the right to enroll in universities. This is stated in the message on the website of the HRC.

the HRC recommends that the Ministry of defense to study the question of changing the time of the summer appeal “for the maximum respect for the rights of conscripts and the rights of applicants”. Ministry of education, Rosobrnadzor and the Executive authorities of the regions of the HRC recommends that you install appropriate work of teachers, the amount of compensation for their work on the state final certification of at least 600 rubles per hour, and take maximum measures for the epidemiological safety of the persons present at the exam.

Recall, the previously Rosobrnadzor today announced that the exam on the Russian language will be held on 6 and 7 July, to reduce the number of people present in the points of the exam. July 10 will be held the exam for core mathematics, July 13th in history and physics. On July 16, assigned to social studies and chemistry, 20 July will take biology and the written part of the exam in foreign languages. On July 22 and 23 scheduled oral part of the exam in foreign languages. Reserve days scheduled for July 24 — for all subjects except Russian and foreign languages, and July 25 — for all academic subjects.

we will Remind, earlier today it was reported that a trial exam will be held on 29 and 30 June, with no pupils. They will be held for the organizers. In the explanation of the Ministry of education stipulates that participants in interagency meetings on the exam decided to conduct a preliminary trial exams without the participation of the students to check the readiness of the system for implementation of all recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor about the coronavirus. That is, the Ministry added, trial examinations are conducted by the organizerAMI exclusively for testing technical and organizational issues.

Earlier today, the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov on television said that the main wave of the exam will begin with a “mock exams” for the “settings” of the system in terms of coronavirus.

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