The inhabitant of Belgorod without his knowledge through public Services

The inhabitant of Belgorod has told to journalists of the edition “Rise” that his private office received a notice stating that at his request he included in the list of citizens who can vote in the plebiscite on the place of residence, his name transferred to the polling station in 10 km from the place of his residence. The source claims that no applications have been written and not sent. “But it some strange way I went through my Services, “secure” two factor authentication” — surprised the man. The operator on the website informed him that the information about changing the polling station was transferred to his personal account by the CEC. However, he was unable to explain how carried out this operation. Applicants are advised to contact the PEC. In a press-service of the operator of the portal “public Services” edition of “the Rise” confirmed that this information is managed solely of the CEC.

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