The inhabitant of the Kirov scored his own mother to death, and the body was trying to burn

In Kirov there was a terrible crime. Man beaten to death by her mother, and the body tried to set fire to cover his tracks, according to the investigative bodies SU Russia across the Kirov region.

About the tragedy operatives said the wife of the offender. She said that her 59-year-old husband beaten by his elderly mother in the apartment, after which the woman died. When the guards arrived on the scene, they found the body of 81-year-old woman with injuries and thermal burns.

a criminal case Was initiated.

According to investigators, during the quarrel with the mother the man struck her beatings with hands and iron, and to cover up the crime, tried to set fire to the clothing of women.

the Suspect is detained, he admitted his guilt. The question on election concerning it a preventive measure in form of detention.

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