The inhabitants of the

Residents in the street have appealed for help to the Governor of St. Petersburg and the chief sanitary doctor of the city. In an open letter published in social networks, they talked about the challenges they had to face since the opening of the city’s outdoor cafes, and suggested that institutions rules.

the authors of the document noted that on the main street of 34 houses there are 86 bars and restaurants. “If in a narrow street width of 15 meters in the morning to midnight will be posted 86 summer cafe, the lives and health of 4.5 million people will be subjected to real danger,” the letter reads.

the Townspeople were informed that their street is a “massive and unpunished violation of the requirements of epidemiological safety and constitutional rights of the residents on the street of citizens to health protection and favorable environment.”

“On the street Rubinstein came to rest thousands of people ate and drank alcohol, standing in crowds on the sidewalks under the Windows of residential apartments, many turned in a parked car music, causing the dancing and choral singing, Smoking hookahs from the trunk of a car, as the toilets were used for the arches and courtyards of our home. This Orgy lasted until the early morning hours,” write the angry residents.

According to residents, 86 catering companies that serve visitors on the sidewalks, “not compatible with a residential environment.” At the same time, they said, the simplified rules of placement of outdoor terraces does not take into account the peculiarities of work in the areas of residential development.

the Activists proposed to organize activities in a summer cafe by certain rules. They are asked to set the size of the passage for pedestrians at the rate of 3.5 meters, to limit the time of operation of the institutions until 22:00 and remove the furniture from the street. In addition, the restaurants, according to many citizens, should be responsible for providing guests access to the bathroom. Talso citizens are asked to police after 20:00 patrolled the places where the restaurants and suppress the violation of the law.

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