The Krasnoyarsk student wants to hold a rally against distance learning

the Senior from Krasnoyarsk wants to hold mass rally against distance learning. He has already filed a notice to the municipality, but there are said to agree on the action impossible.

As reported ТВК6 the teenager, who finished this year the 10th grade, he feared reduction in the quality of education due to the remote learning mode. He noticed that the majority of teachers are struggling to cope with new technologies.

“I’m worried for their future. Me this year to pass the exam. My sister goes to first grade. I want to get a good education. I don’t understand how can the remote control be a first grader. Maybe [the Governor of the Krasnoyarsk territory] Alexander USS is, personally, no. I wish they answered our questions, gave us assurances,” said the student.

He expects city hall response to your request about the meeting, but in the city administration, the newspaper reported that the meeting is not agreed upon because of the ban on holding mass events. The official response, the organizer have not yet received, but the teenager has already said it will appeal the decision.

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