The lawyer explained that waiting for the parents whose child was damaged exhibit in the Museum

the family of the child who broke the sculpture in Tsarskoye Selo, will be difficult to prove his innocence in the case of the compensation of the institution. This is the conclusion in conversation with the correspondent of “Rosbalt” came a senior lawyer of the law firm “YUST” Vsevolod Vasilyev.

According to him, as a General rule parents are responsible for the actions of children.

“Accordingly, they will have to pay compensation for damages. It will be very difficult to prove in court and the absence of guilt, and that the Museum staff something wrong did. Therefore, if the sculpture stood correctly, you will need to take responsibility for her damage,” — said the lawyer.

According to him, the family can focus the court’s attention to the fact that they could not keep track of the child in these particular circumstances, however, the prospects of proving vague.

Recall, the damaged sculpture in the Cameron gallery in the Catherine Park was cast in 1794 with the antique original. The author is a master of EDM Gastly. Head boys head fell on the marble floor, the bust was severely damaged.

Users of social networks protested the position of the Museum, putting the responsibility on visitors. According to commentators, the staff of institutions should prevent similar incidents, and the little boy is innocent.

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