The leader of Poland

Polish President Andrzej Duda acted to ban same-sex couples to adopt children — the relevant draft amendments to the Constitution, he has already signed and sent to the Sejm, reported the press service head of state.

According to Duda, the amendment will implement the “safety and welfare of children.”

To make changes to the Constitution required two-thirds of the lower house of Parliament.

Recall, Duda prepares for the second round of the presidential elections, held on 12 July. The first round was held on June 28. No candidate gained more than 50% of the votes. Duda received 45,24% of votes after processing 87,16% of the ballots. His rival — the candidate of the opposition “Civic coalition”, the mayor of Warsaw, rafał Trzaskowski — scored of 28.92%. The turnout was nearly 63%.

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