The leader of the black activists threatened to

the Leader of the new York branch of the organization Black Lives Matter hawk Newsome said that the supporters of racial justice “burn the system and replace it with” if the United States authorities will not fulfill their demands, reports Fox News.

“I can say this as figuratively and literally,” said Newsome, adding that he wants the liberation of blacks at any cost.

Speaking of violent methods of struggle, he noted that the American system based on violence since the war of independence of the United States, and that violent protests lead activists to the desired results.

He drew attention to the fact that “the United States intervenes and undermines the regimes that replace them with leaders for leaders they like,” so, in his opinion, for any American to blame blacks in violence — “extremely hypocritical”.

Newsom also called Jesus Christ “the most well-known black radical revolutionary,” which, according to him, was killed, as well as other “black activists”.

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