The media learned the regions of Russia where there was a high incidence of cancer

In 2019 in Russia was found 640,4 thousand cases of cancer detection. This is more than the 2018 2.5% (was 624,7 million). It is reported RT with reference to data of the Ministry of health.

the highest incidence of malignant tumors registered in the Arkhangelsk region (566,2 first identified cases per 100 thousand population).

second place — Bryansk oblast (556,2), the third — Sakhalin oblast (550,2). In the top five of the list consists of Mordovia (548,6) and Penza oblast (548,1).

the lowest rate was recorded in Dagestan — 163,6 cases per 100 thousand population. The five include Chechnya (164,2), Ingushetia (176,5), Chukotka (205,4) YANAO (215,3).

Add in St Petersburg last year, the incidence of malignant neoplasms made up 506,5 cases per 100 thousand population, in Moscow — 385,3.

the Overall morbidity rate in this area amounted to 436,3 cases per 100 thousand of the population.

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