The media rushed to announce the departure of Leonid Parfenov into exile after the adoption of the amendments to the Constitution

appeared In the media about information: TV channel REN TV reported that the famous Russian TV journalist Leonid Parfenov’s wife allegedly went to the permanent residence in Germany. This writes the “Schmoozer”.

In early July, the couple flew from Russia, the report said. Before sending in flight is the wife of journalist Elena Chekalova wrote in the social network “meaningful” “Well, that’s all,” which was misunderstood by the Russians.

Some users have linked the departure with the results of a national survey on amendments to the Constitution, one of which gives Vladimir Putin the opportunity to “reset” your presidential time after 2024.

Parfenov had to refute speculation. According to Chekalova, she and her husband went on vacation. “Well, what emigration in the twenty-first century? she said “news.” — Now the whole world is one big village”. According to the woman, when she “saw was perversely interpreted the post,” she “actually removed”.

Leonid Parfyonov photographing the project “Parthenon”, which often illuminates the overseas premiere in the field of culture. The releases come out weekly on YouTube.

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