The medic explained why COVID-positive pregnant women born healthy children

Not infected with a coronavirus, the children born from COVID-positive pregnant women because the placenta does not transmit the viruses in the organism of the child. This was told by the gynecologist, head of the obstetric observation Department of the perinatal center name of Kungaevoy Hope Sagaeva.

In an interview with “Russian newspaper”, she emphasized that the new coronavirus can be transmitted to the newborn through airborne droplets. So a woman in labor during childbirth needs to be masked, and physicians to use personal protective equipment.

the Unborn child is not applied to the sick mother, and immediately isolate and take the test for the coronavirus, he added Sagaeva.

According to her, the treatment of pregnant women from the coronavirus has no special differences. Apply antipyretics and anti-viral drugs, which do not harm the child.

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