The Ministry of health had the idea to restrict advertising of

the Ministry of health there was a proposal to legally restrict the advertising of unhealthy products. This was told the chief freelance specialist MoH of Russia on therapy and General practice Drapkina on the online event in the Federation Council “strengthening of the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the new environment.”

As reported TASS, Drapkina explained that it is necessary to create “a unified health-saving environment.” In this context, it would be reasonable to enshrine in law the measures directed on restriction of advertising of unhealthy food products, thinning specialist. Also, she added that the change in labelling of products, restriction of salt, increasing the availability of healthy food.

Drapkina reminded about the index of commitment to a healthy lifestyle. According to Rosstat, last year in Russia on average the index made 12%, but in the regions the figures are very different: from 0.04% in Kamchatka up to 40% in Ingushetia.

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