The Ministry of transport have listed the main

In the Russian airports since the beginning of June revealed 124 cases of non-compliance associated with the coronavirus of methodical recommendations on sanitary safety, developed by the Ministry of transport and agreed by the CPS. Including airplanes identified 27 violations, and in airports — 97, the press service of the Ministry of transport. A total of 63 aircraft of various airlines and the airport in 23 different regions.

the Most frequent violation is failure to comply with glove-mask mode, the lack of social distance, the continuation of the catering establishments. In addition, not all the entrances to the airports equipped with a thermometer, in public areas of airports are not carried out in regular intervals (3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours) regular preventive cleaning with use of disinfectants. Also when boarding a plane measurement of the temperature of passengers is not carried out in full and are not carried out disinfection of the hands.

it Seemed also that some airports do not inform passengers of the need to observe measures of prevention, of the rules of conduct on the trip in terms of the epidemic. Identified airports where we operate catering and there is a massive crowd of people.

the inspections recorded, including using photos and video, sent to the CPS.

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