The Moscow city Duma intends to take the initiative to ban the sale to children of products with liquefied gas

the Capital’s MPs are going to go with the Federal initiative to ban the retail sale to minors of products containing liquefied hydrocarbon gases and used for personal and household needs.

the Moscow city Duma Deputies initially produced a draft, providing for the ban in the capital. After evaluation of the project is state-legal Department of the Moscow city Duma and the city Prosecutor’s office found that you need to in addition to city initiatives and corresponding changes in the Federal legislation.

In this regard, proposed a number of amendments to the Federal laws “On basic guarantees of child rights in the Russian Federation”, “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development”, to the RF Code of administrative offences. The amendments are designed to prevent the spread of sniffing among children.

the Chairman of the Moscow city Duma Commission on security, sport and youth policy Cyril Shields said: “According to expert conclusions, the city law we are unable to enter the sale of certain types of goods, individual products. That is not our privilege”.

City the project involves changes to the administrative code of Moscow to establish liability for involvement of minors in the use of liquefied petroleum gas by inhalation.

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