The nutritionist told me what side effects can cause foreign strawberries

In anticipation of Russian natural strawberry growing demand for early foreign, but without the side effects sometimes can not do. St. Petersburg dietitian, PhD Inna Kononenko told the correspondent of “Rosbalt” about the pros and cons of foreign berries.

Early strawberries, with the addition of various chemicals, you can grow in one week and grown in the garden berry will Mature from 35 to 45 days.

“If the strawberries will exceed the dose of nitrate that enters the body, they form nitrites. And pesticide poisoning, which is of early strawberries, can lead to loss of consciousness, fatigue, decrease in appetite, headaches and sleep disturbance, — said the doctor. Ammonium nitrate, accelerates the growth of any plant, so it can be used for intensive growth of the early strawberries. If the substance gets into the human body, it can cause oxygen starvation, intestinal poisoning, allergic.”

Kononenko added that in the cultivation of early strawberries are also used nitrogen that protects the berries from pests. However, if the ingested substance can cause redness of the eyes, skin and itching.

Nutritionist reminded that the berries should be bright red, not dark.

“the strawberries had a beautiful intense red color, used dyes. They can cause dermatitis, allergic reactions, itching and stomach upset,” said the nutritionist.

Seasonal berry can also be unsafe, despite the fact that its maturation does not require chemical stimulation, and for the transportation of preservatives.

“Russian strawberry comes on the market around the middle of June. Typically, these strawberries are not very beautiful in appearance, its surface is not shiny and it is prone to molding. And foreign is treated with special substances to prevent the development of fungi. Due to this, such strawberry longer does not deteriorate,” explained nutritionist.

According to her, there are advantages as pathogenic fungi can live in the intestines due to poor functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. Accordingly, toxins that cause irritation and inflammation of the intestinal wall. This occurs at low pH of the stomach, with poor bile secretion, the abuse of sweets and alcohol.

“Also fungi, while in the product, secrete their toxins, which can lead to poisoning. Toxins fill the entire volume of the product, so just to cut off a piece, which are fungi, do not help to solve this problem”, — said Kononenko.

Earlier, the plastic surgeon and dermatologist Madina Bayramukova called on women in isolation to make a mask of cucumbers and strawberries to improve the complexion.

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