The Ombudsman has demanded from the Smolny benefits for St. Petersburg residents with kidney disease

St. Petersburg with chronic kidney disease can finally receive new benefits from the city administration, for example, a social taxi. In defense of patients was made by the Commissioner for human rights in the Northern capital, Alexander Shishlov, said the office of the Ombudsman on the official website.

It is about patients receiving renal replacement therapy. In may of 2020, a hundred seriously ill citizens have written a collective appeal concerning the situation in the redeveloped under COVID-19 City hospital No. 15, which closed the Department. Under the threat turned out to be the treatment and in the Nikolaev hospital in St. Petersburg, from-for what “the people with kidney stones” could provide to be treated in other dialysis centers, for example in Devyatkino that for many far and inconvenient.

the Ombudsman conducted an inspection of the Smolny and asked for help. In the end, the administration has proposed to extend the service of a social taxi service for patients receiving renal therapy. We are talking about compensation 80% of the cost of travel to health facilities. Also it was decided not to close the dialysis Department in the Nikolaev hospital.

“the Decisive factor was the arguments of the Ombudsman related to the deterioration of health and financial situation of St. Petersburgers with chronic renal failure during an outbreak of coronavirus: change the routing of patients in connection with the conversion of branches under hemodialysis treatment COVID-19, the danger of infection in public transport and additional transport costs”, — said the Ombudsman.

While the proposal shishlova are on the stage of public discussion. After examination of the document will be submitted for consideration to the Smolny.

Add, hemodialysis involves the removal of the toxic products of metabolism, normalization disorders of water and electrolyte balance. The procedure is credited for patients with acute and chronic renal failure. In some cases, patients are prescribed a disability.

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