The poverty line was every fifth child in Russia

Nearly 23% of children under 18 in 2018 they lived in families with incomes below the subsistence minimum, reports RBC with reference to the study of Rosstat “Socio-economic indicators of poverty.”

According to the estimates of Rosstat, the level of poverty among children is almost twice prevoshodit national average: in 2018 below the poverty line (including children) is home to 18.4 million people, which is 12.6% of the population. Thus the highest level of poverty among children, 49,4% are in families with children.

Also significant, at the level of 40.6 per cent, was the proportion of children who live in poor rural families.

according to the Agency, is the most relevant official data on the level of child poverty in Russia, since such statistics are published with a delay of two years. Thus, the impact of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, can only be evaluated in 2022.