The psychologist advises emerging from the isolation the Russians to change the hairstyle or image

it is Important to complete a stage of isolation imposed because of the situation with coronavirus, make changes in yourself and life. The opinion was expressed by the Professor of the Department of theoretical foundations of social psychology faculty of social psychology, msupe Olga Danilenko.

She advises after leaving the isolation to update the image and move on to the next life stage. “You must realize that we have lived these two months not just that acquired a new system property that can be the backbone in the future”, — said Danilenko, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

the Expert recalled that the experiments with the image or hairstyle gives a person confidence. “This two-month experience, if we are completing it correctly conceptualize and getting our resources in the future,” said the psychologist, recognizing that in connection with sharp exiting the isolation people can feel confusion, discomfort and anxiety.

Specialist recommends not to ignore these feelings and try to help yourself and loved ones. “Attention to the positive manifestations when meeting with relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbours will help you to feel more confident and stronger mentally”, — said Danilenko.

Recall that in Moscow gradually removed the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus. So, in the capital canceled the regime of permits and restrictions on walks. Thus citizens are obliged to wear masks and gloves in public places.

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