The pulmonologist told us how to get checked for complications of coronavirus

the pulmonologist and Professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences Kirill Zykov told how to learn about the signs of complications of coronavirus.

According to him, the main troubling symptom after recovery is shortness of breath during physical exertion. Head of Department of faculty therapy and priblizne Moscow state medico-stomatological University. Evdokimov in interview of “KP” said that COVID-19 “has an evil feature”.

“Often after the disease patients have long felt a strong weakness, fatigue and, therefore, move a little. As a result, people do not feel shortness of breath, not because it is not in the fiznagruzki, and therefore that the loads are avoided,” explained the medic.

To find out if recover from coronavirus shortness of breath, can conduct a test — elementary to give fiznagruzki, for example, to climb stairs for several floors.

to make sure that there are no changes in the lungs, the Professor advises to consult a doctor and to do a computerized spirometry, as well as to conduct a study on the determination of lung diffusion capacity.

the Expert also recommends that you do not abuse CT scan after recovery and not to do “just in case”. “Do not forget that it is not only the money spent but the extra dose of radiation. So first consult with your doctor,” added Zykov.

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