The pulmonologist warned about the consequences of immunodeficiency recover from coronavirus

Coronavirus causes ill problem with the immune system. About this danger was reported by the Director of the research Institute of pulmonology, academician Alexander Chuchalin.

According to him, COVID-19 increases the susceptibility to other illnesses — viral or bacterial. As reported “Interfax”, he explained that this occurs “as a result of immunodeficiency, resulting in people due to prolonged infection.”

the Expert noted that due to this circumstance it is unknown how the Russians will survive the autumn and winter infections.

Chuchalin also said that the coronavirus is threatening the normal functioning of the heart and brain, because it causes inflammation and damage to inner walls of blood vessels.

In this regard, the academician considers it necessary to establish guidelines for the preparation of the Russians to fall after a coronavirus.

Just today in Russia revealed 485 253 thousand cases of coronavirus in 85 regions. For the entire period victims COVID-19 in Russia, according to official data, there were 6 thousand 142 people.

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