The rains have flooded part of the Krasnoyarsk territory, tourists from the area of the incident was taken the helicopter

the Rains we flooded the territory of four districts in the Krasnoyarsk region: kuraginskiy, Partisan, German and ermakovskoe. In three of them, authorities declared a state of emergency (emergency).

Rescuers said that in the South and in the center of the region came from the banks of the river, three damaged road bridges, “is a play on two sections of road length of 400 m”.

From the village Kolbinskiy Mansky district residents evacuated 30 homes. Prepared four temporary accommodation.

From the Partyzansky district by air took nine tourists vacationing there. In particular, the emergency helicopter evacuated two children. Help came in time: the water from all sides selected to the tents.

Another flight was made for six teenagers, who were trapped on the island near the Mines.

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