The scientists said, some foods will help to quickly relieve pain in the stomach

to Solve problems with digestion, ease stomach pain will help some of food. Below is a list compiled by nutritionists, quoted by the portal Inmyroom Food.

In the list in the first place were bananas, which contain fiber and potassium that help the digestive system as well as kiwis — they have a lot of pectin and tannic components. They should have a gastritis and ulcer disease, and ulcer of the duodenum. With weight in the stomach will save dairy products, which include lactobacilli, improving the intestinal microflora.

Also a good remedy for the treatment of ulcers and gastritis is honey, which reduces the secretion of gastric juice. Useful nutritionists have called and oatmeal, because she is able to get rid of bloating and abdominal pain.

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