The Smolny Institute In St. Petersburg, August 2, it may take a mass sprint

In St. Petersburg, August 2, plan to hold a mass race along the embankments of rivers and canals. This will be possible in that case, if the epidemiological situation in the city deteriorates, said the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” the Chairman of the Committee for physical culture and sport Anton Shantyr. “We are preparing for the race at five distances: 1,5 km, 2, 5, 10 and 21 km. Hope this will be the first massive contest of the Northern capital will give rise to host other major sporting events in St. Petersburg”, – said Shantyr. According to him, the route will pass along the embankments of rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, and all changing places the runners will be disinfected. The official also mentioned that in the near future it is planned to open sports facilities to city authorities, and now the Committee is working closely with the CPS. Among the future of restrictive measures four square metres per athlete in the room and a five-meter distance in the pools. About the opening of children’s sports schools speech does not go yet. “We are ready to open them, but it all depends on the epidemiological situation. Today it is stable and hard. As soon as we get the opportunity to run sports training, we will do. All the bases in order, the measures developed, the coaching staff is ready to get to work,” said Anton Shantyr. He also noted that professional sport clubs have started preparing “closed loop” a month ago. Among them school of the Olympic reserve №1 and №2, country sports base “the Beam” in Zelenogorsk. Each facility provided the Committee with their security standards work. The measures have been effective – according to the official, over a month on these bases managed to achieve a zero rate of infections. We will remind, from July 6, in St. Petersburg began to operate fitness clubs. Earlier, the “Rosbalt” wrote about the fact that fitness centers to lose coaches and clients.

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