The star of the series

Actress Victoria Tarasova, best known for playing the role of Irina Zimina in the TV series “Capercaillie” and “carp”, was attacked by a customer in the supermarket, which came without gloves. About Tarasova said in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

As explained by Victoria Tarasova, public places, she always uses a mask, but not gloves, because it does not like rubber. Hands the actress handles with antiseptic, which carries with him.

the Conflict happened at the supermarket. The actress pulled on the ribbon, lying separately from the purchases ahead standing customer of the package of household sponges. The woman reacted aggressively.

“She made me beat hands and shout: “don’t touch Anything! What are you doing? It’s all mine!“ — said Tarasova. — I tried to cool her ardor, was asked to calm down. But boisterous aunt was not to be stopped.”

According to the actress, she was “in a fight is not reached, the power did not respond”. Cause a conflict of sponge Tarasova paid for itself and uses in the economy.

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