The team Tikhanovski sent Lukashenka

Belarusian President Alyaksandr Lukashenka “should just go, take your whole gang to sit on Golden “Boing” — and to hell”. This was stated by the agent of a candidate Svetlana Tikhanovski Tatiana Seviarynets, reports

She noted that Lukashenko should do if he “wants to avoid people’s anger and the Hague”. Seviarynets stressed that in Belarus “has increased dramatically the number of people who have openly said: “get out, Lukashenko, you got to tolerate you is impossible””. And this attitude can be seen on the street and online. Thus, according to her, all such actions are accompanied by an influx of new people. It is also a large amount of legitimate campaign rallies. “Our beautiful youth will not accept the fact that all have remained the same,” — said Seviarynets.

In her words, “all the 26 years she was engaged in that tried to convince people to get up from the sofa and into the streets, and now to convince almost certain — on the sofa ain’t much left,” people are hungry for change.

Recall that on 9 August in Belarus will pass presidential election. The main rival of the incumbent leader Alexander Lukashenko, who is also involved, is Svetlana Tihanovsky.

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