The three components of the salad proved to be harmful to health

There is evidence of harmful components in the salad. As write “news Yu”, nutritionists are encouraged to dispense with the next three ingredients.

all fried foods. Some made it a rule to add to a salad for a taste of fried chicken or bacon, but these components are too heavy in calories. In addition, meat is hard to digest. Experts suggest instead to add a dish more greens, fresh vegetables or even fruits.

Calorie filling. With this sauce harmful will be any vegetable salad. Not to gain extra weight, dress the salad with lemon juice or yogurt with herbs, garlic or other spices. But even with the “healthy” ingredients need not to overdo it, the article notes.

Cheap substitute balsamic vinegar. Such analogs, unlike the present product contain soaring amounts of sugar, thickeners, and dyes that can trigger allergies and other ailments.

Earlier it was reported that salad of tomatoes and cucumbers is a danger to health.

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