The UN has recognized that Saudi oil refinery was attacked by Iranian missiles

has Revealed the details of the attack on the Saudi state oil company Saudi Aramco in the Hail and the oil company in Horice in 2019. According to the report by the UN attacks were used drones and missiles of Iranian origin, reports Reuters.

Recall that on 14 September 2019 were inflicted air strikes on oil refineries company Saudi Aramco in Hail and upstream companies in Horice. It was reported that he was involved “more than 20 drones, a dozen missiles.” After the attack, Saudi Arabia announced the reduction of oil production by 50%.

responsibility for the attack has taken the Yemeni Houthis. The foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has not formally declared that the attack was carried out by the army of Iran, but noted that the attack has Pro-Iranian forces. In turn, the Iranian authorities categorically denied any involvement in the incident.

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