The US handed Russia a helping hand to eliminate catastrophic spill in Norilsk

Washington has offered Moscow assistance in the elimination of ecological disaster in the area of Norilsk in the territory administered by the company “Norilsk Nickel”.

According to the head of the state Department Michael Pompeo, accident — the case when two powers can put aside their differences. The diplomat would like Russia to take advantage of American technical expertise.

saddened rated to hear about the fuel spill in Norilsk, Russia. Despite our disagreements, the United States stands ready to assist Russia to mitigate this environmental disaster and offer our technical expertise.

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) June 6, 2020

the accident at the CHP plant No. 3 in the Northern city of Russia took place on may 29, the soil and the river turned more than 20 thousand tons of oil products. To eliminate such a large spill is difficult, but Russia has not commented on the US proposal.

UPD. It became known about the Russian response to the word Pompeo. The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said on television that the country “absolutely grateful” to the American side. “We record for the second gesture of goodwill between our countries”, — the official noted. She meant the situation with the mutual supply of equipment for artificial lung ventilation (ALV), which are required for the patients with coronavirus.

As reported, the Russians have created a petition, which affirms that the accident was “a disaster for the ecosystem of the Arctic”.

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