The US President blamed

a Movement in defense of racial justice for Black Lives Matter again came under sharp criticism from U.S. President Donald trump.

He repeated the thesis that the organizers of the two-month protests “do not want the good of America” and are “Marxist group”.

Communication activists from the German philosopher Karl Marx, the President did not explain, however, noted that doubts the “respectability” of the protest movement.

“the First campaign of the Black Lives Matter became a March through the streets shouting “Pigs in blankets — they should fry like bacon.” This definition of the protesters addressed the police. And then suddenly, they become so respectable. And they are just Marxists”, — quotes trump Fox News.

Presumably, the relationship with the Marxists came from antipolocainta sentiment and populist slogans of the activists.

Recall that in the United States broke out protests against racism and police violence in connection with the death of Floyd. White police officer Derek Showin almost nine minutes peretasoval knee to the neck of a detainee, after which he died.