The woman in Volgograd left a young son on the street

a Resident of Volgograd asked the woman on the street to keep an eye on her son and fled in an unknown direction.

according to the regional Department of the MIA, the mother said to the stranger that walked into the store for literally ten minutes, but never returned.

the Incident occurred on Saturday evening in the courtyard on the street 51st Guards Division Dzerzhinsky district.

without waiting for the child’s mother, 43-year-old woman went to the police, after which the boy (in appearance, at the age of four to five years) placed in a social institution.

the police began the search for a missing mother and described her verbal portrait. She looks about 40-45 years, height 170 cm, a thin Constitution, hair dark. Was dressed in jeans, a khaki t-shirt in black, shoes of dark color.

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