Three of St. Petersburg stole from the maps the Russians 4 million rubles

Major fraud uncovered by the police in St. Petersburg. The attackers took credit card bills and more than 2 thousand people and cheated them of money. The damage, according to the official representative of the Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk, amounted to about 4 million rubles.

Scammers have created copycat websites popular online stores, then received data on numbers and codes of client cards. Another source of supply for criminals Bank account details played the “shadow Internet”.

As it turned out, the suspects lived in the Northern capital, today the trio was arrested. Did she have accomplices, the police said.

during a search of the detainees found 10 mobile phones and 200 SIM cards “with information that has evidentiary value for the criminal case” article about the theft.

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