Three su-35 fighters escorted American bombers over the sea of Okhotsk

Three su-35 fighters flew to intercept strategic bomber of the United States and accompanied him over the sea of Okhotsk. As specified in the National control center defense (NCUA) Russia is approaching the state border of the Russian aerial target was discovered by the Russian means of control of air space over neutral waters of the Pacific ocean. To intercept the target was raised three su-35S from the composition duty on air defense (PVO) forces of the Eastern military district, which are classified and consistently accompanied by a strategic bomber b-1B U.S. air force above the waters of the sea of Okhotsk, reports TASS. As specified, violations of the state border of the Russian Federation strategic bomber b-1B USAF was not allowed. After an American plane moved away from the border of the Russian Federation Russian fighter jets returned safely to their base. The entire flight of the Russian su-35S took place strictly in accordance with international rules of airspace use, said NCUA.