Three unknown persons in masks, have beaten the Sakhalin, was resguardar

Investigators almost a year later managed to solve the case, to establish the identity of three masked men who murdered the resident of Sakhalin. They turned out to be three employees of Regardie, told reporters Deputy head of the division for investigation of particularly important cases of the SU SK the Russian Federation across the Sakhalin region Alexander Arkhipov, reports “the Media”.

the Incident occurred on 6 August last year. Four men drove a car to relaxing on the Cape Loose and turning on the Fry their car was stopped by Niva, Switzerland came four men in camouflage and masks and beat were in one car. According to the portal the masked men demanded to open the trunk, and when there was nothing in it, the residents of Sakhalin began to resent the outrage. As a result, people in masks one man was beaten, another was knocked to the ground, and two were placed in the “banner”.

according to, Arkhipov said that abuse of office accused three employees of Regardie. Finding them was difficult, but in the end the identity of the suspects was established. The case will consider the Korsakov city court.

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