Traffic police: Efremov for 1.5 years did not receive penalties for drunken driving, but violated the traffic rules 50 times

Staged drunk fatal accident, the actor Mikhail Efremov 50 times violated the rules of the road for 2019-2020. These data led the Deputy chief of traffic police of Moscow Alexey Diomin in the broadcast of “60 minutes” on TV channel “Russia-1”.

thus, according to him, fines for drunk driving over the last fifteen years, the artist was not.

Representative of the traffic police said that 11 of the 50 of administrative offences of Ephraim in the field of traffic have in 2020. He added that, basically, it’s the fines associated with speeding, and violation of the markup.

Also Deakin reported that all administrative fines in 2019, paid in full, and 11 penalties for 2020 paid six.

a Court in Moscow on the eve of Ephraim sent under house arrest until August 9. Accident, for which the artist brought the case, took place on June 8 at the house 3, Smolenskaya square. Efremov on the opposite lane crashed into a delivery van. In the accident died the driver of the van.

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