Trump has suspended the issuance of some work permits until the end of 2020

the US President Donald trump has signed a decree to suspend the issuance of certain types of temporary work visas until the end of 2020. According to the White house, the decision was made to ensure that American workers receive priority in employment as recovery from the effects of a pandemic coronavirus.

the Decree touched on visas, which are issued to qualified personnel in the technology industry, seasonal workers, researchers and scientists, as well as visas, which are top managers, moving to the United States from abroad for the same employer.

in addition, the list includes visa, outstanding to family members of employees. According to the text of the decree, the families of temporary employees can also compete with American workers that the emergency is a threat to employment for nationals of the United States.

it is Noted that in the future the validity of the restrictions may be extended. This decree does not affect those of holders of work visas who are already in the United States.

earlier, for the same reasons, has been temporarily suspended the issuance of “green cards” — a residence permit in the United States.

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