U.S. authorities plan to revoke work permits in the country, the Chinese Telecom companies

the US Authorities are going to revoke the four Chinese telecommunications companies permission to work in the country, said Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, explaining this decision by the fact that the Chinese communication company threaten the security of the personal data of Americans.

In the number of companies that can remain without a license, is the third largest mobile operator in China, China Telecom, says “Kommersant”.

Pompeo called Chinese companies “not credible” and explained that the US government work hard to ensure that they “do not provide communication services between the United States and other countries.” To ban the work of these companies suggested that the state Department, Prosecutor General’s office and U.S. Department of defense. The final decision will be made by the Federal communications Commission.

in addition, Pompeo said that “significant threat” to US security represent the Chinese application WeChat and TikTok, and stated that they should be removed from the U.S. app stores.