US authorities have announced the preparation of a new outbreak of coronavirus

U.S. Authorities admit the likelihood of a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the fall and take action to prepare for it, said the head of the National Council on trade at the White house Peter Navarro on CNN.

According to Navarro, the authorities are doing “everything they can”. At the same time, according to data published in The New York Times, last week in 12 States have been identified record the daily indicators of infection with coronavirus. On 19 June, the total number of new infections across the country amounted to more than 30 thousand per day, which was the highest level since early may.

At the same time Vice-President Mike Pence accused the media of spreading “groundless panic” about the second wave of the coronavirus and noted that the US “win a battle with an invisible enemy.”

At the moment, according to calculations of the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States was 2.3 million cases of infection with coronavirus. Died more than 119,8 thousand.

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