Vladimir Solovyov reacted to penitent Ephraim video

TV Presenter Vladimir Solovyov after the appearance on Youtube of a video in which the actor Mikhail Efremov, who in a drunk driving fatal accident, asks for forgiveness for what he did, wondered, had not violated the conditions of house arrest.

“Who wrote “apology of Ephraim”? He? Who wrote the lyrics? He? Except while under house arrest, he has the right to use cell phones?” — Solovyov wrote in the Telegram. Previously, he called the actor “citizen killer”.

meanwhile, a lawyer Stalin Gurevich previously expressed the opinion that the video recording does not contradict the terms of house arrest: Efremov can communicate with family members and lawyers. That is one of them and could record video and then upload it to the Network.

Recall that in the Internet appeared the video, in which Mikhail Efremov asks forgiveness for what was drunk driving, the result of which killed the driver of the van, Sergey Zakharov. He offered to help the family of the deceased, in that case, if they agree to accept it. Yefremov also said that his appeal is not “do not attempt to pay off, and attempt to redeem”. The actor apologized, saying that all betrayed.

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