Who passed the exam on social science graduates protested the

On the website Change.org there was a petition with a demand to perform the work of the experts who reviewed the exam for social studies.

“Although the tasks themselves differed little from the suggested demos, for many students, half of the tasks the second part of the social science (written, with detailed answer) was not counted validator <...>“, — stated in the text.

the authors of the petition are asked to ensure that the work of students applying for an appeal exam for social studies was revised objective.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the petition, addressed to the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov, the author of which the signatories demand the annulment of the results of the exam in English.

“the Feeling that the tasks of listening was obviously recorded artists with speech defects, and not even taking into account the equipment of our schools the necessary equipment, where in the best case it is column or, in many PPE, just put the old laptop. This listening will not be able to understand even a native speaker — and only this section will definitely lead to the loss of students 20 points,” said the author.

From the text that some tasks were designed for level of difficulty than the students and even some teachers.