Woman found sanitizer in a bottle with nursery water

a Resident of Petersburg Sophia Bychenkova told in social network “Vkontakte” about the terrible case of her little daughter who almost drank the sanitizer for the hands of the store-bought bottle of “water”.

According to her parents bought a water “Agusha” in the shop “Pyaterochka” on the shelf of the children’s goods, stood a lot of bottles with unknown contents.

the Girl took a swig from the bottle and cried, spitting out the contents. The child complained that “the water’s hot”, and turned out to be an alcohol based liquid.

As told peterburzhenka, top cover cap for drinking was hermetically sealed and characterized by crunched when opening, but the traffic on the thread was opened.

“While I was stuffing the daughter of the activated carbon, the husband pulled from shelves for other bottles and found another the same… as filled with a strange liquid. Grabbing the bottle, as he was, ran to the roundabout. It was not long, and when it was cleared and the details of which are still trying to understand,” wrote Bychenkova.

the bottle was sanitizer for hands, which costs from sellers at the box office, and by the way bottled in bottles of nursery water.

“the Liquid in the form of a transparent, has a smell of alcohol and some fragrance, but not so sharp to feel it when you open the bottle,” shared the mother of the child.

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