On 18 September, an exceptional sale took place at the home of the Piasa. A board’s original Tintin and the shooting Star has been assigned to an individual for 400,000 euros on the 18th of September, in the framework of a sale organized by maison Piasa. A colossal sum of money which is justified in particular by the presence of the blood of Hergé in the drawing. The legend wants that the father of the hero is injured with a compass during the realization of his work and has accidentally lost a few drops of blood on the paper. Tasks that the previous owner has seen fit to keep finding that they participate to the charm of the drawing according to the site of the auction house.

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Box where you can see the blood of Hergé screen Capture

In reality, this board, as the specialists call it “backup”, is an original copy made by Hergé himself in 1943. These achievements had been made mandatory by the paper shortage during the second world war which forced the publisher to change the format of publication. Hergé has therefore taken up all of the planks of his album, The shooting Star , in order to comply with the new dimensions.

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This board is located at the beginning of the album when two doctors learn to Tintin that the end of the world is near. The box with the largest spot of blood is where the belgian journalist continued by rats climbing up a lamppost to let them pass. The board sold up to 400.000 euros was far from the sum achieved by an original drawing of the album does not however reach the record of ’We walked on the moon , sold in 2016 at 1.55 million euros.