A resident of Tver accidentally asked the riot police pump for the bike and was severely beaten

Riot police in Tver beat the man who asked them for a pump for a Bicycle. In this case the victim was accused of use of violence against the national guardsmen.

according to “the Media”, 19 Jun 52-year-old Nikolai Gordienko wife and I were going to ride the bike, but noticed that the bike wife flat tire. He turned to the men in the unmarked car, taking them for a maintenance team. Gordienko said to them: “Boys, give pump, Bicycle pump”.

then from the car people jumped out and pushed Gordienko, he lost his balance, began to fall and grabbed his sleeve. In response, the policeman knocked down Gordienko and began to beat him, and after beating a man handcuffed.

it was Later revealed that Gordienko appealed to the Riot police. He’s got a broken jaw and ribs. On this fact conducted preliminary examination.

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