Alexander Domogarov about the scandal with Ephraim: No desire to leave the stage

Actor Alexander Domogarov struck with an emotional criticism of viewers who condemn Mikhail Efremov staged a fatal accident while intoxicated, and stated that it “will never feel them respect.”

the Relevant post he published on his page on the social network Instagram. In the post the artist States that he has “no desire to go on stage” in front of the audience. He calls the situation with Ephraim, “a terrible catastrophe” and blames subscribers for what they “dare to judge” and “trampled on the blood.”

It also encourages these spectators not to go to the theater for his performances.

Recall that the actor Mikhail Efremov staged accident on the evening of 8 June. He sat behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication, went on the Garden ring in Moscow into the oncoming lane and collided with a van. The driver of the van died in hospital.

to See this publish to Instagram

I understand that you will incur the WRATH But I SWEAR, now I have NO DESIRE to GO ON STAGE in front of you, to give CONCERTS., NO DESIRE Terrible Catastrophe that occurred with Misha – a litmus test which showed the attitudes of the “people” and it’s terrible what happened,MISHA is to BLAME AND IT WILL be JUDGED the COURT! And no need to talk about his life! And you are condemning — not DRINKING, not throwing wives have always lived with one wife, no cheating, no friends or have friends, you are sold for a pittance, you didn’t set up their comrades for your own gain, you didn’t send hate mail., why I and not he, you are burying your friends for yourself; you fed all your children?! And you without FACES ON your avatar., under the guise of terrible nicknames — GOD PUNISH THESE AVAILABLE!!!!! But not you, which make things WORSE. AND LIVE WITH THEM. And you dare to judge! You — who TRAMPLE ON the BLOOD?! Tomorrow I will publish the TEXT OF the PLAY “HENRY AND HELEN”., GREATEST where HENRY IVLING (the name tells you nothing, you need to read the book), we understand that only “La Boheme” by read and “the actor”, that it is time to go to WORK. I’m willing to TAKE ANY OF CHITAURI the TEXT AND RELEASE IT ON STAGE SO here is how he describes the viewer… Those who were on the first two performances — probably remembers the HATRED HENRY IRVING ADDRESSED TO YOU the VIEWER!!!!! I have NO DESIRE to LEAVE the STAGE! We are Bohemians, we faded culture, we are not any good. DO NOT GO TO THE THEATER! AT LEAST on my performances. I am a BOHEMIAN AND an ARTIST WHICH is you AND YOUR FEELINGS GAVE STRENGTH, LIFE — I WILL NEVER TO YOU the AUDIENCE NOW FEEL RESPECT

Publish from Alexander Domogarov (@domogarov.aleksandr)

Jun 17, 2020 7:15 PDT

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