Alexey Herman: the Confrontation between the authorities and intellectuals in Russia sooner or later leads to catastrophic consequences for the state

the Sentence Kirill Serebrennikov and the other defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio” will have a very serious impact on the relationship between intellectuals and power, said the correspondent of “Rosbalt” Director Alexei German Jr.

“Are too arbitrary decisions will lead to long-term consequences. They will be negative for all, and for the government and for the country and for the most intellectuals. We are destroying the climate, people will be able to leave EN masse. Even very serious Directors and Directors of theaters that try to be apolitical or genuinely support on many issues of power, started to speak out against what is happening. This means that we are approaching some kind of limit. Not necessarily that they will be released tomorrow on the street, but they understand that there is no possibility of communication,” he said.

the Director stressed that the case of the “Seventh Studio” will create a new line of division and increase mutual mistrust already emerging in Russian society.

“the Confrontation between the authorities and intellectuals in Russia sooner or later — ten years, twenty or thirty leads to disastrous consequences for the state. We went through the revolution, we went through a restructuring where, probably, there were many good, but many bad. And many have not experienced — drunk, died, left. All this has been. And we always somehow repeat the same mistakes,” added Herman.

Recall, Serebrennikov and Itino sentenced to three years imprisonment with fines of 800 thousand and 200 thousand respectively, the Malopolski to two years imprisonment with a fine of 300 thousand rubles. A former employee of the Ministry of culture, the Director of Ramtha Sophia Apfelbaum punished with a fine in the amount of 100 thousand rubles, from which she released in connection with the expiration of the limitation period of criminal responsibility under the criminal code of the Russian Federation “the Negligence”.

Serebrennikov’s Lawyer Dmitry Kharitonov has stated that it intends to appeal the sentence.

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