conviction has perhaps gone too far in the intimate to be closer to the real. Olivier Durandet, the lover of Suzanne Viguier, requires the removal of the screens of the film, Antoine Raimbault for “privacy infringement” and “infringement of the presumption of innocence”. The film rests on the appeal trial of Jacques Viguier, accused of killing his wife, Suzanne, in February 2000. His lawyer Eric Dupond-Moretti, played by Olivier Gourmet, leads the fight to uncover the truth with Nora (Marina Foïs), a fictional character who believes hard as iron in the innocence of professor of law in Toulouse.

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“Everything is true”, had assured the director. The film recounts the trial that acquitted Jacques Viguier, minutes and even telephone tapping. Antoine Raimbault has also preserved the names of the persons concerned by the case, including that of Olivier Durandet, the lover of the victim. Telephone conversations are especially revealed.

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Emmanuel Tricoire, lawyer Olivier Durandet, accuses Antoine Raimbault not respect the presumption of innocence of his client. “Its main character, Marina Foïs, which conducts the survey, says on several occasions that the culprit is the lover. This movie is the lover of the guilty party. It uses wiretaps to build a scenario,” he told the regional daily Dispatch . “Over 250 hours of intercepted telephone calls, it is selected that less than 10 minutes, which demonstrates the existence of a timeline that leads to a very partial and therefore necessarily one-sided conversations” transcribed, ” he says in a summons in chambers consulted by the Express .

The case of conviction will be treated urgently by the 17th chamber of the tribunal de grande instance, Paris, on Tuesday 19 February. If Olivier Durandet wins the case, the decision to put an end to the exploitation of the film would be unique. In February 2014, it is an Arte series under the same, belief , which had suffered the same treatment. Inspired by the case of Jean-Louis Muller, the series of fiction has been banned for “privacy”.